Tata Sky reduces price of SD Multi TV connection

Tata Sky reduces price of SD Multi TV connection

Tata Sky HD STB

Tata Sky has reduced the price of the new SD Multi TV connection for its current subscribers. Earlier SD Multi TV connection was priced higher than HD Multi TV connection to push users over HD, but Tata Sky is changing this due to intense competition in the market.

Tata Sky reduces price of SD Multi TV connection

Previously, existing Tata Sky customers willing to get a Multi TV SD connection had to pay a whopping Rs. 2,000 which was even higher than new HD connection which is available at just Rs. 1,499. 

Now Tata Sky has cut down the SD secondary connection price by Rs. 601, customers can get it at Rs. 1,299 instead of Rs. 2,000. This price includes Set Top Box, installation charges, universal remote, 10-meter coaxial cable, RCA cable, and power adapter. This box will be connected to the same Dish used for the primary connection. Customers will also get 3 years warranty with this box.

There is no special discount on NCF or packs of secondary connection on Tata Sky, customers can separately choose channels they want to watch on their primary and secondary connections and pay accordingly. Maximum 4 connections are allowed on one subscriber ID and all connections must be in the same building. 

There is no change in the price of HD, 4K or HD+ Multi TV connection, they are still available at Rs. 1399, Rs. 5900 and Rs. 8900 respectively. 

To get new secondary connection Tata Sky customers need to contact Customer service through Live Chat, Twitter or by calling to the toll-free number 1800-208-6633, after placing the request they will receive a call back to schedule the installation of secondary connection.

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