Tata Sky rolls out Smart Guide update to 15 million set top boxes

Tata Sky rolls out Smart Guide update to 15 million set top boxes

Direct to Home (DTH) operator Tata Sky has pushed its Smart Guide update to over 15 million set top boxes which enables Tata Sky customers to discover and consume content on television in a smart way. Tata Sky started rolling out the Smart Guide update in July which has now been activated on all the High Definition and Standard Definition set-top boxes.

Tata Sky rolls out Smart Guide update to 15 million set top boxes

The new Smart Guide offers a one click solution to access personalized content recommendations on your television which can be accessed by pressing the Guide button on your Tata Sky remote.

The guide shows the most watched channels, genres and platforms by the subscriber under ‘Your Top Channels’, ‘Trending Channels’, ‘Favourite Genre’ etc based on the viewing history of the subscriber on the particular channel or genre.

It also offers recommendations for channels based on your likes apart from quick access to the most watched channels while the recommendations on primary and secondary set-top box in multi-connection homes will be different in line with the individual preferences.

Lastly, you have the Linear Search feature which allows subscribers to search for channels via channel names which can be  opened instantly without going to the guide by pressing the ‘0’ button on the remote 4 times. 

Commenting on the upgrade, Pallavi Puri, Chief Commercial and Content Officer, Tata Sky said, “While digital platforms have developed the ability to personalise experiences, on broadcast television this hasn’t been offered so far in a significant way.  With the latest software upgrade, our HD and SD set-top boxes now offer smarter recommendations based on a subscriber’s content consumption patterns leading to an enhanced TV viewing experience.”

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