Vaji Communications restrained from changing MSO before clearing dues to GTPL Hathway


The Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) has restrained Andhra Pradesh based local cable operator (LCO) Vaji Communications from migrating to any other MSO or broadcaster without complying with the requirement of the regulations and inter party agreements.


GTPL moved TDSAT on the grievance that Vaji Communications was planning to migrate to another multi-system operator (MSO) without giving any prior notice to GTPL along with the non-clearance of existing dues.

TDSAT has restrained Vaji Communications from migrating to any other multi-system operator (MSO) or broadcaster without any complying with the requirements of the Regulations and inter party agreement.

GTPL had earlier claimed arrears of Rs 1.48 crore and Rs 2.58 crore in separate petitions while both the Andhra LCOs have taken a stance that both have made excess payment and had no dues against GTPL. Vaji and Vizianagar had stated that it had paid Rs 35 lakhs in excess as of 31st March.

The tribunal in June had told both Vaji and Vizianagar to enter into an agreement with GTPL Hathway within 3 weeks along with the payment of an invoice for May and June. The supply of signals to both the LCOs was disconnected on 30th June as the payment for May was paid in part only with no payment for June 2020. GTPL Hathway had back then had prayed that both LCOs should not migrate to other service providers for the signals of the petitioner without following the regulations. 

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