Zee Cafe to premiere ‘The 100 Season 7’ this Wednesday

Zee Cafe to premiere ‘The 100 Season 7’ this Wednesday

The1007 Zee Cafe

Zee Cafe is set to premiere post-apocalyptic science-fiction drama ‘The 100 Season 7’ which is the final leg with season 7 presenting viewers with an adrenaline pumping and breathless ride as it lives up to the series gripping dose of drama and tense action.

The final leg of ‘The 100’ premieres this Wednesday, November 25 on Zee Cafe unearthing the horrors of the end of the world through the lens of the few fortunate survivors at weeknights at 10.

The 100 stars Australian actor Eliza Taylor as the lead Clarke, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia, Bob Marley as Bellamy, Latina actor Lindsey Morgan as Raven among others. The series is set back against the backdrop of almost 100 years since Earth’s absolute devastation with the series revolving around a group of survivors on a space station who make it back to Earth decades later. The fate of mankind rests in the hands of the 100 prisoners on a mission with resources of running out.

The season 7 picks up after one of the biggest cliff-hangers: what happened to Octavia and Bellamy and what will Clarke do about the mess on Sanctum? The series was shot right before the global COVID-19 pandemic living up to the legacy of the devastating character deaths and difficult choices for the inhabitants of the ‘Ark’. The latest and the final season resolves some answers and poses newer questions

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