Airtel Digital TV launches Airtel Korean TV

Airtel Digital TV launches Airtel Korean TV

Airtel Digital TV

Direct to Home (DTH) operator Airtel Digital TV has recently launched a new service channel Airtel Korean TV that will offer Korean content. Airtel has become the second DTH operator after Dish TV to launch a service channel offering Korean content.

Airtel Digital TV launches Airtel Korean TV

The service channel is available on channel number 160 which is currently available free of cost. The standard definition channel currently offers both Korean and Hindi dubbed audio.

The channel is said to be dedicated to Korean Drama, Popular Korean Songs and Series. The service channel is powered by One Take Media which holds the IP rights for content across many genres and many VAS channels across DTH and Cable TV platforms.

One Take Media holds the IP rights for Korean drama series content and movies which are offered in Hindi dubbed audio along with English subtitles. It separately has a library of high-quality production, catchy beats, millennial focused music videos through the medium of K pop genre of content.

Airtel had earlier this year tied up with One Take Media and CuriosityStream to launch similar free-to-air channels namely Airtel Toons and Airtel CuriosityStream which were available for free to Airtel Digital TV customers before being discontinued.

Credits – Akash J.B & Somnath Chakrabothy, DreamDTH Community Forums

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