BBC India Bouquet debuts on Airtel Digital TV

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BBC Global News India Private Limited’s ‘BBC India Bouquet’ which was notified earlier this year along with the relaunch of CBeebies in India has finally made its way to DTH platforms. Direct to Home (DTH) operator Airtel Digital TV has onboarded ‘BBC India Bouquet‘ onto its platform earlier today marking the debut of ‘BBC India Bouquet’ on DTH platforms in India.

BBC India Bouquet debuts on Airtel Digital TV

The bouquet is now available on Airtel Digital TV named as the ‘BBC World News and CBeebies bouquet’. The listing at the time of filing this story is reflecting the incorrect price of the bouquet at Rs 5.9 (including taxes) whereas the bouquet is priced by BBC Global News India at a monthly cost of Rs 4.72 (including taxes).

The bouquet offers a discount of 33% in line with NTO 2.0 provision allowing customers to save Rs 2.36 (including taxes) vis-a-vis taking both CBeebies and BBC World News on an a-la-carte basis at Rs 7.08. The pricing of the bouquet is to push BBC World News as customers will prefer taking the bouquet instead of taking CBeebies on an a-la-carte basis.

While the bouquet was notified in mid-February, Airtel Digital TV added CBeebies recently at the end of July 2020. The bouquet has made a swift entry on Airtel within a fortnight of CBeebies addition while other distribution platforms that carry both CBeebies and BBC World News since its April-May are yet to onboard the broadcaster bouquet.

In case, you wish to see the ‘BBC India Bouquet’ on your platform, then you may reach out to your distribution platform operator demanding the ‘BBC India Bouquet’ and drive up the demand.

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