CBeebies re-enters India; official announcement later this year

CBeebies re-enters India; official announcement later this year

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BBC Global News India has relaunched BBC Cbeebies in India earlier this month adding another non-news channel to its offerings in the Indian market. The channel has boarded Fastway and NXT Digital in the last fortnight. An official announcement is expected later this year.

CBeebies re-enters India; available on Fastway and NXT Digital

MSO Fastway added the channel in early April on its platform. The channel is available on LCN 390. BBC CBeebies carries a price tag of Rs 5 according to the Fastway EPG.

NXT Digital followed suit by adding the channel on its platform in the second week of April. The channel is available on LCN 918 and has a price tag of Rs 5 as well. Interestingly, NXT is also offering BBC Global News and Cbeebies as part of its Vishesh Manoranjan Pack which is priced at Rs 30.

DreamDTH reached out to BBC post the launch of BBC Cbeebies in India on multiple cable operators to get an official confirmation on the launch.

BBC Global News India MD Rahul Sood speaking to DreamDTH said, “BBC Studios and BBC Global News have received licenses to operate multiple channels in India in 2020. We are currently in discussions with multiple broadcast partners and platforms about our channel offerings, including CBeebies. We will begin to roll-out this year and will make an official announcement later this year, so please watch this space.”

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) had granted BBC Global News India the license to relaunch CBeebies in India last year on April 02. Interestingly the launch on Fastway coincided on the same date 1 year later.

BBC had earlier in 2012 shutdown its non-news channels BBC Entertainment and CBeebies blaming the delays in digitization and the need for channel operators to pay cable operators for carriage makes the economics of the running channels challenging at times.

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