[A BIG NEWS] tatasky discussing for migration on Intelsat 17 !


2 May 2011
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Tatasky is discussing with Intelsat 17 for their migration.

See this Which I have got from : http://www.financialexpress.com/news/dth-cos-prefer-foreign-satellites-to-insat-series/792313/0


New Delhi: Squeezed by the spectrum crunch and the falling reliability of INSAT satellites, India’s DTH operators are migrating to foreign satellites, as they strive to launch more channels, add services and win customers in the R10,000-crore domestic market. Operators, who officially cite the limited spectrum on INSAT satellites for their decision to switch satellites, privately point to the frequent technical glitches they face. INSAT satellites come from Antrix, the commercial wing of the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro).

Sun Direct, the DTH service from the Sun TV Group, shifted several channels to Measat from Malaysia’s Astro after INSAT 4B, which hosted its channels encountered a major technical snag last July. Digital TV, the DTH arm of Bharti Airtel has also initiated the migration from its allocated INSAT 4CR to SES-7, a Dutch commercial satellite. INSAT 4CR was a replacement satellite for INSAT 4C, which was lost when the GSLV rocket, which was carrying it to space, exploded upon launch.

Sources say Tata Sky, the DTH venture from Tata Sons and Star TV, is talking to foreign satellite operator Intelsat, as the operational life of its current satellite INSAT 4A has reduced by several months due to recent technical glitches. Also, Tata Sky wants to increase its capacity in order to offer more channels to its seven million subscribers. Market leader Dish TV has already spread its satellite inventory between three satellites, of which two are foreign.

Isro officials refused to comment on INSAT satellites’ reliability. An email sent to the company remained unanswered at the time of going to press. However, S Satish, Isro’s director (publications and PR) said: “We are shortly going to launch the GSAT 5 with 36 transponders which is expected to fill the void created by the partial failure of INSAT 4B recently. It has got 24 Ku-band transponders as well.”

Apart from spectrum crunch and limited or lack of availability of Ku-band transponders over India, operators cite lack of professional approach from Isro and little accountability when things go wrong as prime reasons for moving to foreign satellites.

“There is a dearth of professionalism when it comes to our interaction with Antrix. The broadcasting business is not growing at the pace it should because of limitations in migrating to foreign satellites,” said Ajay Jain, CEO of Lamhas, a leading teleport operator.

Sensing business opportunity, a host of foreign satellites over India are re-arranging their capacity to service Indian operators. These include satellites like ABS-1, Eutelsat, Thiacom, Intelsat, Measat, Asiasat, and SES-7. However, due to strict regulations, all domestic operators have to get on Isro’s clearance before migrating to a foreign satellite.

“The DTH business has absorbed over Rs 17,000 crore in investments over the last 6-7 years. Satellite availability and spectrum are essential for the business as more channels go on air. Therefore, foreign satellites are being preferred; however; government permission is a must which takes a lot of time,” a senior technical executive representing a leading DTH brand said.

Ajay Puri, CEO of Airtel digital TV declined to comment on the challenges of Indian satellites. However, he said: “Spectrum crunch is always a challenge. By migrating to a new satellite, we have increased our channel offerings to the consumers in terms of providing more HD content and value-added services.”

Sources say Digital TV has to complete its migration from INSAT 4CR to SES-7 over 6-8 months, a huge task involving realigning the dish antennae of its 50 lakh subscribers from 74°E to 108.2°E (location of SES-7 satellite). Currently, digital TV services are being offered from both the satellites.

Isro has 11satellites in operation, offering services including broadcasting and communications. However, its recent history has been riddled with glitches, the most recent being the failure of INSAT 4C in 2006 which exploded upon launch. This satellite was supposed to provide Ku-band transponders to Sun Direct. Had that launch been a success, Sun Direct would have launched its services a year ago, sources said.

Last year, INSAT 4B encountered a power failure resulting in the loss of Sun Direct signals to over 60 lakh customers. As a result, Sun Direct had to partially migrate to Measat, which also hosts Reliance Big TV DTH.



Yes u r right sunveer, competating with airtel and i m sure they are migrating to avoid shortage of tps.
infact its airtel which tries to copy tata sky. the biggest copying they do is that they give same compression to same channels as tata sky does. i have done comparison of each channel. tata sky is really how the industry sees the dth standard interms of quality

Satellite Name: Intelsat 17 (IS-17)

Status: active

Position: 66° E (66° E)

Norad: 37238

Cospar number: 2010-065B

Operator: Intelsat, Ltd.

Launch date: 26-Nov-10

Launch site: Guiana Space Center

Launch vehicle: Ariane 5 ECA

Launch mass (kg): 5540

Dry mass (kg): 2393

Manufacturer: Space Systems Loral (SSL)

Model (bus): LS-1300

Orbit: GEO

Expected lifetime: 18 yrs.

Call sign: S2814

Beacon(s): 3947.5 RHCP, 3952.5 RHCP

25 Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders to serve customers in Europe, Northern Africa and India, as well the Middle East

C-band Global Beam (active)
C-band Landmass beam (active)
C-band West Hemi beam (active)
Ku-band Africa beam (active)
Ku-band Europe & Middle East beam (active)
Ku-band Russia beam (active)

Charts: list

From : SatBeams
after my intense research its confirmed tata sky has signed a deal for intelsat 17. read the article carefully, where it says deal is on for premium customers like tata communications while in the paragraph below it, it say s and details r given for deal with encompass media, that is for star cricket hd and espn hd which encompass media will start in partner ship with tata communications too while the paragraph which says negotioations is on for tata communications above it is a different deal as for one deal is thru(hd channels star cricket and espn ) while for tata sky, negotiations with tata communicationms is on, it is for tata sky. so enjoy. , ultimately tata sky has waited long and will try to buy max transponders as tata sky will surely want to blast with channels once it has space. first i thought that may b tata sky will opt for intelsat 22 but no thats not possiblew as intelsat 22 does not have asis beam ku band. so people just wait a little more happy times r ahead. read this


the only thing holding tata sky from shifting is that new transponders on the new satellite r dvbs2 and currently all mpeg2 tata sky boxes r dvbs and hence will not b able to get the relay. first tata sky will have to change old stb's which r dvb s compilant for them to start relaying from new satellite. mpeg2 or mpeg4 is not abig issue as they can adjust it but transpoinder relay of dvb s2 on intelsat is fixed and cannot changed.
thanks namo narayan and jenitkumar for sharing this one more exclusive here first:bowdownsmiley:

yea tata sky hs low tp space so to get more thy r moving to this new sat one
now we can hope a lotz more channel nd also more interactiv serivces:buddys_by_graveyardwatcher:
earlier this man new star namo narayan [DINO, ] said ----- tatasky is getting tp from ST2 , HD Channels from D2H . now what he is stating? i know very well about his statements. please dont believe.

on topic
there is chance of moving to this satelitte like Jenith said.
Yes sir lets see what happen then.
and how you know sir he is dino bhai?

Kattabomman said:
earlier this man new star namo narayan [DINO, ] said ----- tatasky is getting tp from ST2 , HD Channels from D2H . now what he is stating? i know very well about his statements. please dont believe.

on topic
there is chance of moving to this satelitte like Jenith said.

Mr.DTH said:
Yes sir lets see what happen then.
and how you know sir he is dino bhai?

Kattabomman said:
earlier this man new star namo narayan [DINO, ] said ----- tatasky is getting tp from ST2 , HD Channels from D2H . now what he is stating? i know very well about his statements. please dont believe.

on topic
there is chance of moving to this satelitte like Jenith said.

read my pms to you. who is who in every forum i know very much . still preffered here to come , i am try to make this forum from a copy paste, spam free froum. but this will depend on you. if you help, support my good suggestions we will make this good. here also some good members like 2 SMOD, + Some others. it is not good to name here.
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