ALA-CARTE is very costly?


14 May 2011
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Dears, I have visited the AIRTEL website and there i have checked the ALA-CARTE package. There are channel rates. I selected some hindi and english channels. Then i calculated the total price so it was 850.

Let me know is this monthly charges or three months charges. because if this is monthly then it is very costly.

I want to select those channels only which i want to watch.

Please advice.
Well buddy a-la-carte channels are a big costly that general monthlt packages.

And its in monthly basis.

If you want to watch any channel then add it in your current basic pack but if you buy a hole a-la-carte channel then it will have to pay a lot.

A-la-carte single channel packs are very costly.

Also dish tv,tata sky and videocon giving the same price like adtv.
ya but less costly then other dthes.

u may compare dishtv vs. airtel in alacarte.

airtel results r positive.

in dishtv sports alacarte prices r too high :eek:ooh no:

u may compare airtel vs. tata

tata is positive :D
hey who tell you guys:smiley-shocked028:

tata sky also too costly in make my pack(single channel):eek:mg::Shoot:
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