FCT falls by 6% on TV in Week 17

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Free commercial time or advertisements volume on television dropped by 6% in week 17 and went back to the level it was 2 weeks ago when it was declined by 26%.

FCT falls by 6% on TV in Week 17

According to the data released by BARC-Nielsen, despite a 10% increase in the total count of brands advertising on television and a 9% increment in total advertisers with 395 new brands coming into play the overall volume of Ads remained lower.

FCT falls by 6% on TV in Week 17

Viewership of news channels obviously increased during the COVID-19 period but their advertisement volume actually dropped by 7% during Week 17 and operating at lower levels compared to pre-COVID time.

FCT falls by 6% on TV in Week 17

Volume on GEC continued to remain stable this week as well but FCT on Movies declined by 7% compared to the previous week, however, movies are still having 13% higher ad volume than week 14. Music and Sports FCT also reduced by up to 27% but stable if compared to week 14.

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