GTPL Hathway focusing on tapping into independent cable operators and DTH market share

Out of the 300 million households in India there are around 200 million TV households and 100 million cable households in the country.

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Gujarat headquartered Multi System Operator (MSO) GTPL Hathway is focusing on tapping into the market share of the independent cable operators and DTH operators in a targeted way as it looks to expand its subscriber base, the company stated during the Q2 FY 21 earnings call last month.

Out of the 300 million households in India there are around 200 million TV households and 100 million cable households in the country with the organized players tipped to have around only 35 million households in the cable industry.

The balance 65 million households are catered by independent cable operators. As we are progressing, the consolidation of the industry is also going to progress. So, there are lot of opportunities to grow plus there are 60 million DTH households. We are going to target them and win back. So, if we talk there are around 120 million houses currently, which is there to target for the whole country. On the cable industry and focusing on targeted way, we are targeting 65 million households from the independent operators and 60 million households from the DTH space. We are looking forward that we will maintain our growth rates and subscriber base,” said GTPL Hathway’s Piyush Pankaj.

The company has also recently launched a campaign to capture the DTH market share wherein GTPL is offering quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions bundled with set-top box for new customers including subscription of popular channels.

He further added, “There are 65 million homes under the independent operators and as the market consolidates, the opportunity is always there for the consolidation, we are taking that share plus we are running a campaign for taking the DTH market share.

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