IN10 Media’s Apna EPIC Value Pack coming soon on your DTH & Cable operator

IN10 Media’s Apna EPIC Value Pack coming soon on your DTH & Cable operator

In10 Media

IN10 Media’s Apna EPIC Value pack which was notified by the broadcaster few months back is likely to be available soon on your DTH and cable operator’s with 5 channels in the broadcaster bouquet. IN10 Media is likely to launch Ishaara TV and Gubbare soon with plans for Epic Plus launch seemingly scrapped for the time being.

IN10 Media's Apna EPIC Value Pack to soon offer 5 channels

The broadcaster bouquet launched back in April has not yet been made available on DTH and Cable operators. However, IN10 Media has now released a poster urging customers to contact their DTH and Cable operators to subscribe Apna EPIC Value pack. The update came courtesy of our community forum member Akash Solanki.

Apna EPIC Value pack was earlier going to only offer Epic TV and Filmachi as Showbox was a FTA channel. However, IN10 Media seems to have realigned its strategy with Showbox and Filmachi exiting DD Free Dish. According to reliable sources, IN10 Media is turning into a pay broadcaster come July and has replaced Epic Plus launch plans with Gubbare, which will be a Kids channel.

IN10 Media’s Apna EPIC Value will offer Showbox, Filmachi, Gubbare, Ishaara TV, and Epic TV at the existing price of Rs 2 per month, which with GST will cost you Rs 2.36 per month.

The a-la-carte pricing of Ishaara TV, Gubbare and Showbox remain unknown for the time being as the latest RIO remains unavailable on IN10 Media’s website.

Ishara TV is likely to cater to re-runs such as Shaktimaan, Dariba Diaries, Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahi, and Daanav Hunters with a moto to capture the spirit of the new India.

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