DD News dons a new look from New Year

8 Jul 2013
NEW DELHI: After giving a new look to its national and Bharati channels, Doordarshan has now given a new look to DD News, with a totally new logo and a major change in its tagline.

The new DD News tagline 'Only News Complete News' matches with its content and principles. The firm objective of the channel is to become 'The national news channel' and therefore its use of Hindi is in line with the national channel tagline ‘Desh Ka Apna Channel.’

White, red and shades of black/grey are the colours that will now be used in place of predominantly purple and yellow on the sets.

The logo will also be in red, white and slight grey. The box around the logo has been removed.
Montage graphics and music have undergone changes to suit the new colour scheme. Music too has been changed as required – mostly to make it more contemporary and upbeat.

Some elements have been kept in some graphics to represent continuity (for example the titles of generic bulletins, that is the News – in English - and Samachar – in Hindi - have been retained).

Similarly, some chords of music have been retained.
Fonts have been made bolder and contrast introduced, both on bands and scroll, for greater readability.

The number of text bands firing simultaneously has been reduced to maximum three so as to remove clutter in the lower part of the screen. In most situations, there are likely to be only two bands.

A new, top band has been introduced which will be used occasionally as story title or other similar purposes.

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