bye from me

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2 May 2011
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bye friends due to my personal works and i will be not able to visit anymore :'(
Simply you are quitting?

And we are not allowing bye/quit thread as per rule.
ya bapun bro i read in todays newspaper that computing leads to cancer so leaving it :'(
haha..... greatest joke..... then what abt computer engineers?? and computer engineering students like me?? comeon ss.... be practical.... :D
LoL a great reason. :)
and hand problem and heart problems and angryness what about this
i have to meet ss in person once.... im coming to orissa soon... even he have his evening snacks alone... doesnt share..... Now breaking news... cancer because of computers... tell me which newspaper u read it??
I am using Computer for last 12 years.
hmm.. ss be practical... dont follow irrelevant news, otherwise whole world will stop functioning :D
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