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28 Apr 2018
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News 9 ( Bengaluru ) Turns 10 years . It was launched on 2009 . I remember watching it first time in April .. when visiting Bangalore.. Bengaluru being Cosmopolitan city it was good decision they took to launch a English news channel . it is india's first city centric news channel along with it they do tell other all india news to some extent. In most indian english news channels even those called national news channel they only focus on bollywood & tell all other indian films as regional or dont give their industry name. after watching it first time got to know that Kannada film industry was known as Sandalwood , Telugu - Tollywood , Tamil - kollywood , Malayalam - Mollywood i know both Bengali & telugu film industry known as Tollywood due to net . apart from this they do tell about hollywood & bollywood..I hope WION follows same in future sadly even they follow other english news channel strategy of only focusing on bollywood . in rare occasion they do tell about marathi film . best thing..was telling news about city centruc & focusing on local issues , pollution .. people do read about them . but most people would ignore watching news channel in language telling they dont undertstand it.. overall they have improved compared to starting when they launched but more needs to be done. they have one more con they act as hindi news channel when telling about crime incident show everyday ..the voiceover ..good thing they do cover pollution related issues . i wish more news channel does same.. and follow it till the end and not leave it after covering it for some time ..

Good thing is they have chosen to give news 9 has Free to air channel .. even though they would have made it pay , then i would subcribe it ..



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I agree that it's a good channel but when they launched the channel it's focus was mainly just Bangalore so many operators felt it was just a local English news channel and didn't feel the need to add it. Now their coverage is wide and they have a lot of good content. If a non Kannadiga is interested in knowing what's happening in Karnataka politics then this is the channel to watch. National media is only interested in state politics when there's controversies. They only care about Kashmir and Pakistan!
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It's available in tata sky and jio tv in all over India.

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