Tata Sky Selects IBM Hybrid Storage to Serve 30 Million TV Customers


30 Aug 2013
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Tata Sky, a leading broadcast satellite television provider in India, has selected a new IBM (NYSE: IBM) hybrid storage system to help it better serve its 30 million customers.

"As the fastest growing, direct-to-home, digital television satellite service provider in India, Tata Sky simply cannot operate without mission-critical storage that provides the utmost business continuity and operational efficiency in both our primary and disaster recovery sites," said N. Ravishanker, CIO of Tata Sky. The technology deployed at Tata Sky relies on mitigating risk of data loss and at the same time, accessing data swiftly. "With IBM DS8000 hybrid flash storage, our response time has significantly improved and queries now return in less than one second, bringing higher efficiencies."

The company is using IBM DS8000 systems as its primary storage for all critical workloads, including CRM, billing and disaster recovery.

Constant uptime and the risk of data loss is always at the forefront of data-driven enterprises, like Tata Sky, as well as banking, financial and healthcare operations. By 2020, 15 percent of digital businesses will fail due to inadequate protection against downtime. [1]

Security is also essential for both customer trust and business operations.  The cost of a single data breach can spiral to $3.8 million, up 23 percent since 2013. [2] The DS8000 family meets these challenges by significantly improving the management of growing storage demands required by the realities of today's digital businesses.

To accelerate business critical computing, IBM announced a new IBM DS8880 family of enterprise hybrid storage, a powerful, next generation system designed with real-time data insights for clients requiring increased performance, data protection and uncompromised, nonstop availability. 

With the DS8880 mission-critical applications are accelerated -- up to two times faster [3] than previous generations, making it an ideal storage option for banking and financial industries, for use with electronic medical records, as well as for ERP, CRM and retail systems that need reliable, agile and constant access to data. 

The latest architecture also mitigates risk since all components are redundant and can be upgraded online. This minimizes downtime to approximately 30 seconds per year -- even less if a multi-site disaster recovery solution is also installed. [4]

With a large-scale disaster, business continuance is just as important as data protection and the DS8880allows remote mirroring that can be integrated with a high availability server capability to provide the highest levels of availability.

For those customers like Tata Sky that are looking for integration with cloud-based and mission critical environments, the DS8880 family offers powerful integration with IBM z Systems and other IBM compute platforms to improve business processes and services by enabling systems for the dynamic demands of analytics, big data and cloud environments. It maximizes utilization of resources, including staff productivity, space and cost with streamlined management and operations and 30 percent reduction in footprint [5] on a new 19-inch rack.

The new family of storage is available worldwide beginning 14 October, 2015 with a starting price of $50,000 and with new licensing packages for simplified ordering and installation.

Indian Television Dot Com | Tata Sky selects IBM hybrid storage to mitigate data loss risk & swift data access

Tata Sky Selects IBM Hybrid Storage to Serve 30 Million TV Customers - MarketWatch
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