Video-on-demand service & Catch-up TV on Tata Sky soon

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21 Apr 2011
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Direct-to-home satellite television service provider Tata Sky is set to launch two services that none of its competitors is offering in the country, allowing its subscribers to watch content on demand and to download TV shows after they have been broadcast.

Tata Sky aims to double its private recorder base over the next two years following this initiative, says chief executive officer Harit Nagpal.

While the company has a total subscriber base of about eight million, market sources peg the number of those with private recorder at about 400,000.

Video-on-demand (VoD) service, aimed at subscribers of both its regular and high-definition services, will allow users to choose from nearly 1,000 titles comprising Bollywood and foreign flicks, among other content across languages and genres.

"The initial feedback received from our internal study is extremely encouraging. With such a big library, which we plan to increase daily, we really see a surge in customers opting for our service," says Vikram Mehra, chief marketing officer.

Over a million of Tata Sky's subscribers are already paying Rs 15-40 a month for value-added services, which have already been a key differentiator for the service provider.

"There are so many people in the demographic of, say, 50 plus in smaller towns who cannot access movies of even Raj Kapoor, for whom this will be a boon," says Mehra.

Catch-up TV, on the other hand, will help subscribers to watch select TV shows after they have been broadcast and that too without recording them because these shows will be available for download.
It's really good both services are innovative and not available in any of the dth's .i like these services looking quite intresting.
Nothing new in this article.Already they have VOD service and they are only advertising it. :s
TataSky is going to provide these download facilities via Ethernet port available in STB.
They are upgrading firmware of all HD+(DVR) to utilize this port. :c
Tata Sky’s Catch up TV, VoD

Watching television through direct to home (DTH) service is getting more exciting. To give the subscribers complete freedom to ''watch what you want, when you want'' the leading DTH player in the country Tata Sky will soon launch two new services, first time in India, video on demand (VoD) and catch up TV of movies & TV programmes.

Tata Sky Ltd Chief Marketing Officer Vikram Mehra. Using a broad band connection, the Vod service will allow subscribers to download from Tata Sky’s movie library of 500 to 1000 movies stored on its server. While Catch Up TV will allow download and watching last 5 days television programme from Tata Sky broadcasted channels, mainly entertainment events and soap operas.

Only those subscribers having the ‘Tata Sky+’ connections with an advanced set top box (known as high definition personal video recorder or HD-PVR) will be able to avail these two services provided they have high speed wired broadband connection. With the help of a pre-downloaded software, the broadband connection, connected to the set top box through an ethernet cable, will allow users to select from the list a movie and/or a TV programme, download, store (in the 500 GB storage space in HD-PVR) and watch them whenever they want in the next 7 days.

“Advanced technology enables the HD-PVR to act like a computer, connect to the server, store data and play at the convenience of the user”, explained Tata Sky Chief Marketing Officer Vikram Mehra.

Though the VoD service is free for first one month and there is no subscription fee, after the first month each movie download will cost Rs 25 while downloading of TV programme is always free. All downloaded programme will stay in the system for 7 days and after that will get automatically deleted.

“None of the recorded programmes can be copied as the set top box does not provide the option. We had to put all these conditions to protect the patent rights of the content owners”, explained Mehra.

New services will help Tata Sky to stay ahead of others in the fiercely competitive six-player DTH industry, Mehra claimed.

With 8 million subscribers Tata Sky now has nearly one fourth share in the 35 million users industry.
With the latest VoD offering by Tata Sky I can now catch programs that I missed to record. This is beyond recording and can give access to favorite shows, documentaries etc on demand. Catch up TV in VoD will provide a wide range of shows lasting 5 days for access and its Movie library will consist of 500-1000 movie titles across multiple genres and languages comprising Bollywood and foreign flicks, among other content across languages and genres.. I think this is one of the best on demand offering. :)
That good news for tatasky. Moreover other dth should follow
Tata Sky launches Video on Demand
Tata Sky is out with their new TVC on VoD check it out:
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