GTPL to launch combined business of Cable, Broadband and OTT later this year

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Gujarat headquartered cable TV operator and broadband service provider GTPL Hathway will later this year roll out its combined business of cable TV, broadband, and OTT along with the launch of its hybrid set-top box. GTPL Hathway’s top management made the remark in their Q4 FY 20 conference call last month.


When questioned by an investor as to whether GTPL would offer cable and broadband together, GTPL Hathway’s Rajan Gupta said that they would launching a hybrid set top box soon. GTPL’s Piyush Pankaj further added that GTPL was working on the technology.

GTPL Hathway MD Anirudhsinh Jadeja further added, “We are working on the hybrid box, already the order has been given. So, we are going to launch the hybrid boxes, the combined business of cable, broadband and OTT together. Earlier, the plan was to launch somewhere in July, but due to COVID, we have to see that if we have to extend it by one quarter, we will do it. So, all the technological things, latest technology and all, that we are working on as a market leader, we very much want to take benefit of these opportunities to serve our customers better and better.”

Piyush Pankaj further remarked that the hybrid box would endeavor for the company to get more and more customers, double or triple or quadruple customers. The stickiness will be much higher.

To recall, pictures of GTPL’s yet to be launched Hybrid Box has surfaced on the internet last year.

GTPL is also separately looking at Northeast as another focus area for it to expand. It also stated that it will expand fast in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu.

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