Tata Sky replaces ‘Annual Hindi Value pack’ with ‘Annual Hindi Value New pack’; Punjab Super pack expanded to Haryana

Direct to Home (DTH) operator Tata Sky has replaced its existing ‘Annual Hindi Value’ pack with ‘Annual Hindi Value New’ pack for new acquisitions last week onwards. Tata Sky has also expanded its ‘Punjab Super’ and ‘Semi-Annual Punjab Super’ packs to Haryana allowing Tata Sky customers in Haryana to subscribe the packs.

Tata Sky replaces 'Annual Hindi Value pack' with 'Annual Hindi Value New pack'; Punjab Super pack expanded to Haryana

The ‘Annual Hindi Value pack‘ which was launched in January has now been replaced with a ‘Annual Hindi Value New’ pack. The new pack is available for new acquisitions from 13th July. ‘Annual Hindi Value New’ pack on SD Zapper will cost you Rs 2,423 while ‘Annual Hindi Value New’ pack on HD Zapper will cost you Rs 2,799.

The existing Annual Hindi Value offer has been discontinued for new acquisitions effective from the same date. All existing subscribers will continue to be on the pack without any change.

The pack will be available only for new customers from DAS3 and DAS4 markets. The new pack will be available through mSales only. The offer is a limited period offer and will be available till 31st December, 2020.

Given the LDP is only for new customers, there is no renewal pack for existing subscribers. Existing subscribers on the pack can renew their pack with any available pack on the platform. If the renewal isn’t done renewal date, then DBR charges will be applicable.

Tata Sky has separately made Punjab Super pack and Semi-Annual Punjab Super packs available for the state of Haryana from 8th July, 2020. The packs are presently available in Punjab and Chandigarh only. The long term recharge plan costs Rs 1920 while Punjab Super pack costs Rs 188.41.

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