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22 Mar 2011
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Whenever a new customer buys a new DTH, he goes for one year free pre-view scheme as it is economically better. But there are many strings attached to that. I was using TATASKY for three and a half years, I felt a pinch paying every month. I also did not satify with the service. I dumped Tatasky and bought a new connection from Airtel. It was a South Mega pack for one year, I was happy to view few sports channel after almost three years.

The bitter part comes when new channels are added. The long term rental people will not be given new channels free, those will be an add-on package. DTH operators are trying to woo new customers, not keeping the existing customers happy.

When I de-activated Tatasky, they never bothered to convince me to continue. Even now the dish and STB are lying with me. I hope the same will happen, if I quit Airtel.
But brother TS Is better then ADTV In my way...................:buddys_by_graveyardwatcher:

m using TS+ from 1yr and TS From 4 yrs:) and its very nice:win:
If you see only the quality, Tatasky is good. I am interested on more regional channels. Tatasky has 11 tamil channels and Airtel has 20. ESPN, Star sports were not part of my package, even though I was paying more than 300 rupees a month. With the same charges, I get three sports channels in ADTV.

Also, during rain Tatasky goes blank for more time comparing to ADTV. This may be because the dish size is bigger in ADTV.
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