Tata Sky looks to shed image of being costly !


2 May 2011
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Mumbai, Sept. 7:

Being perceived as a premium offering comes with the risk of being perceived as expensive. And Tata Sky is fighting that challenge today with its current communication campaign.

The DTH service provider, which claims a subscriber base of over 75 lakh users (as of August), has been addressing such consumer perceptions with promotions and value additions over the last 10 months, according to Mr Vikram Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Tata Sky Ltd. A campaign to communicate these propositions kicked off with a television commercial last week, created by Ogilvy, and a sequel started airing on Wednesday. A third film is due next week.

Speaking to Business Line, Mr Mehra said, “We have always believed in setting the house in order before going to town with our claims. The overall perception was that Tata Sky was expensive and inflexible — when we were not. We have introduced several value additions over and above the offerings we had, and the perception is being addressed now with this campaign.”

Consumers, because of the premium perception of Tata Sky, did not seek options on key aspects such as its channel packages, explained the spokesperson. The new campaign under the umbrella Poochne mein kya jaata hain urges consumers to ask, while underlining the range of offerings.

The first commercial of the series speaks of subscription packages offering two to 12 months free, while the second communicates that Tata Sky has plans for less than Rs 200.

“There was a perception that DTH itself being expensive, there would be no plan for under Rs 200 per month. The truth is that there are packages starting at Rs 150 on Tata Sky,” added Mr Mehra.

The issues that came to the fore in feedback received at the call centres, usage patterns and other channels, included perceptions on pricing in multiple television households (now at Rs 160 for the second, third and fourth televisions in the house), vacation time charges (which has been addressed with an annual subscription holiday), and relocation charges. “We initially thought that relocation was a Mumbai phenomenon. With a number of requests coming in from all over, we introduced a system where subscribers can carry the dish and we handle the transfer at Rs 125 or we handle the relocation at Rs 250. This may not have been communicated to subscribers accurately across touch points — like other details such as channel packages — but that is being addressed now,” said the CMO.

@Mr Vikram Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Tata Sky Ltd
Rs. 150/- pm pack is a joke :p Giving only hands-full of channels (with DD channels) of same genre only, shows how thoughtful TataSky think tank really is. Though you got the message from people that TS is expensive and inflexible, still you trying to hide the facts and to still ignoring people's message. Though TS has introduced some flexibility off-late now, but charges like relocation,vacation time charges , etc. may affect the subscriber once in months but what really bothers us is package charges like 1925pa :angry: for sports channels pack.
understand mystic tata sky gives still the best hardware, softwarev and aftersales so it has to b little costly to b the best. i have seen 4 dth services, no one is near to standards of tata sky. infact tata sky had the best stb 4 years back but due to new entrants like videocon,airtel attracting customer with low costs and giving low quality stb, people started cribbing that tatasky is costly, so ok tata sky told here u have we too can give low model stb's and now even tata sky stb is not of that great quality which it was earlier but still it is far better than others. so i support a company which believes in quality and its important people too understand it asap or else they will have to suffer problems every now and then with stb or aftersales

infact its a total myth that tata sky is costly,it is not, in state pack of rs 185 u get many good channels
In news posted @ post#1 , there were no info on STBs quality comparison.
No one talking about STB prices here, what bothers me is packages' price specially Sports & English packs.
what bothers u about packages,they r not costly at all. see dish tv's highest pack, there r so many channels not present in it which customer has to take seperately which r present in tata sky base pack.
regarding videcon yes it is cheap but their box quality ids third grade,stb functionality is bad,cust care is very bad
airtel again is fine but if u see none of these matches tata sky in terms of greataftersales and hardware/software quality so it is true that in tata sky u may pay rs 20 /month extra but see that moneygoes into trained cust care,efficient after sales, sourcing good hardware
I will happily chose TS if they

1. offer me a cam and card or whatever to run in my own stb (Most important)

2. I need Asianet/Surya/SUN Music/Kiran/KTV/ BBC-WORLD news/Cartoon/Network/Disney(eng)/Pogo/Baby-tv/Some sports channel for cricket or football worldcups etc....and one movie channel in Malayalam and one in English for Rs.100 P.M

Minimum requirement , I don't want them to give me anything more, NOne of their Hardware or software except the CAM
agree with you quickboy brother.your all requirements will compeleting dish tv but tata sky will never do it as per my knowldge.
today a higher level officer visited my home and he told that from march,tata sky will use vertical mode too in transponders, now all splitters r being removed from previous installations
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