TV Consumption increased by 43% in India

TV Consumption increased by 43% in India


A report from Broadcast Audience Research Council- Nielsen has shown that during Coronavirus pandemic the consumption of television has increased by 43% as compared to consumption during January 2020.

TV Consumption increased by 43% in India during week 13

The Hindi speaking region recorded the highest growth with 49% while in the South Indian region the growth was relatively smaller yet significant at 33%. The report shows that there has also been an overall 4% increase in consumption from week 12 (21st – 27th March) as well.

Viewership growth in week 13

Because of closed schools, television consumption of minors from 2 years to 12 years age has increased by 52%. Lockdown has boosted TV viewing for everyone under 60 years of age by at least 38%, while retired people above the age of 60 also watched TV 36% more than that in pre-COVID time.

Early morning and Kate night viewership growth in week 13

As people are spending more and more time in front of their television screens, the late night and early morning viewing have continued to grow. In the earning morning hours, people watched news channels while during the late night period movies and news channels were watched.

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